Presented here is a budget web design tech for new entrepreneurs. Money making opportunities using Web Design were based on the premise that anyone can learn the basics and develop the coordination to web page design and hyperlinking.

I asked myself how did the average person make an income with a web page without spending a lot?

A web page works 24 hours, 7 days a week and explains anything to the average person; student to webmaster; from startup to payroll.

The cost? $300+ for 36 hours of instruction.  That’s what the local college charges to learn WordPress for blogging and Web Design.

In comparison, Wealthy Affiliate or WA, with a compliment of services during the introductory starter course level, was free.  Wealthy Affiliate represented an opportunity to make money on-line by promoting other people’s business. There were no contract obligations after premium upgrade enrollment.

There were close to 4 billion people searching for something or other on-line; information, product and service.

Why does it matter?

A Meta Resource or private enterprise was a capitalist basic,  forming a co-operative commonwealth or an ad network.  With business psycho-analysis, the marketing plan identified the sell points: ambition, contacts, desires, economy, efficiency, empowerment, exclusiveness, facts, features, incentives, location, package, price, profits, progress, quality, reputation, security, service, style, testimonials and time.

My input seems too public, so Cybersecurity suggested using a different search engine like duckduckgo.com  The duck directed the search request to bing, google or yahoo; but not my private confidential address.

“Any business is non-profit while spending money.”

This is a testimonial and opinion of Wealthy Affiliate.  In summary, based on experience, a new business affiliate web site, like an education could reap a income, knowledge and friendship.  Starter accounts were free.  There was no contract thus, no obligation.  I considered this offer a win-win situation for all concerned with affiliate links inside the  blog journal; earning referral  commissions; while I studied or did something else . . .

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End User Beware:  The banners or advertising pics were redirect points to affiliate programs.  When the end-user decided a purchase from the various affiliate merchants using the hidden hyperlink connection, this  concluded with the web page blog \ journal earning a small commission; to continue research on many topics of discussion.

Thumb Nail Picture Market Place

As far as the media was concerned, and as you are aware, robots, computers and web pages work 24 hours a day,  7 days a week, 365 days a year; after programming.  Get them working to help you potentially bring in another income and you’re home free. A web page start-up with technical support, at the basic level, is the next wave in the lazy guy’s way to make money. That opportunity is now yours with 2 free web pages for a blog/journal.   Click the picture.

Image result for ebayLaunched in 1995, eBay.com was a California based multi-billion-dollar business with operations in about 30 countries, including Canada.  According to Wikipedia sources, the company managed an online auction and shopping website in which ordinary, every day people and businesses, bought and sold a wide variety of goods and services worldwide. Click the picture.

Launched in 2010, AliExpress.com quickly became an online retail service. It was made up of small businesses in Hong Kong, now China, and elsewhere offering products to international online buyers.  According to Wikipedia sources, it was owned by Alibaba with affiliation in the USA and Canada. It facilitated small businesses to sell to customers all over the world except mainland China, and one could find almost anything for sale. Sellers were independent, and used it as a host to sell to consumers and other businesses. Click the picture.

Visit this web page for a massive selection of Hellboy, Manga, Star Wars, Superhero comics and other pop culture favorites. This web site says it offers thousands of pop culture products such as apparel, comics, graphic novels, statues, toys and other collectibles. The web site also says they carry a huge variety of popular entertainment products from hundreds of manufacturers including DC Direct, Dark Horse, Disney, Hasbro, McFarlane, Marvel, Master Replicas, Tokyopop. Click the picture.

Shop Puzzles on Calendars.comThis calendar web site said they are the world’s biggest and best calendar store because they carry thousands of picture desk, wall and engagement calendars, in formats for every interest and occasion. In addition to calendar items, they also have an extensive game, toy, and puzzle collection featuring thousands of products for sale. Click the picture.

promote ebookFree-eBooks.net was an internet source for free eBook downloads, eBook resources & eBook authors. There were many genres to choose from such as academic, classics, fiction, nonfiction, text books and audio books for adults or children.  Any reader could read & download eBooks for free: anytime! Click the picture.

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Author: Rodney

Currently, I am working as a city security guard while attending college part-time. My studies included the Liberal Arts, Computer Integration and General Law. External courses include this course on web page development, a digital MBA and Venture Capitalist course. Just trying to keep busy and staying out of trouble.


  1. Dang, Web Design Techs make some bank!

    Thing is not a lot of online business owners and bloggers can afford to pay that kind of premium when it comes to designing a high quality website.

    I’m sure there’s still a learning curve to designing a website of your own, but I’d much rather do it myself for a lot less than to pay some one over $300!

    So how long does it usually take to build a site with this system?

    1. That was the basic cost of learning through the community.  I think the computer to be a learning process based on the user’s hit or miss of what does this button do test.Thanks for the feedback. 

  2. Wow. $300 for basic instruction or FREE! Easy choice here. All the basics are available in Wealthy Affiliate in easy to follow, step by step instructions. You don’t have to be a web design guru to do this. For the cost of nothing, Wealthy Affiliate will do all the tech stuff for you. You finish with a solid understanding of how this all works and then you decide where to take it. Thanks for the info.

    1. Thanks I tried to use the keyword tool as much as possible.  It’s my first attempt. 

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