Looking for Something?

With this post I hope to do the analytics or comparison for the shopper to save them money and time if they’re shopping or just looking for something?

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The news is full of reports of data breaching and identity theft by hackers. Big corporations can’t protect their customer’s identity so, how does the small business? The solution is . . .

Worldwide On-line Business

Why do I prefer using the PayPal Merchant system for on-line shopping. Because this electronic alternative accepts all credit cards, is compatible to eBay Canada and is confidential, faster and simpler. I do not have to keep digging out my credit card for every transaction. PayPal Canada with 100,000+ visitors knows what it is. To transact business on PayPal, I just need an email address. I can send or receive money on-line and it is held in account. PayPal is my office!!

I estimate about 20% of my time on-line is spent searching for what I want. Many a time I’ve wanted something in particular and priced it in the mall for comparison on-line.

I am a patient guy. I can wait to save a few bucks waiting for it to arrive, especially when it’s cheaper than retail. Retail and wholesale is like the comparison between a beer at the bar and buying a case for the pad.

If your curious about the secret to the lazy man’s way to                             money making opportunities online read on !!

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As far as the media was concerned, and as you are aware, robots, computers and web pages work 24 hours a day,  7 days a week, 365 days a year; after programming.  Get them working to help you potentially bring in another income and you’re home free. A web page start-up with technical support, at the basic level, is the next wave in the lazy guy’s way to make money. That opportunity is now yours with 2 free web pages for a blog/journal.   Click the picture.

Image result for ebayLaunched in 1995, eBay.com was a California based multi-billion-dollar business with operations in about 30 countries, including Canada.  According to Wikipedia sources, the company managed an online auction and shopping website in which ordinary, every day people and businesses, bought and sold a wide variety of goods and services worldwide. Click the picture.

Launched in 2010, AliExpress.com quickly became an online retail service. It was made up of small businesses in Hong Kong, now China, and elsewhere offering products to international online buyers.  According to Wikipedia sources, it was owned by Alibaba with affiliation in the USA and Canada. It facilitated small businesses to sell to customers all over the world except mainland China, and one could find almost anything for sale. Sellers were independent, and used it as a host to sell to consumers and other businesses. Click the picture.

Visit this web page for a massive selection of Hellboy, Manga, Star Wars, Superhero comics and other pop culture favorites. This web site says it offers thousands of pop culture products such as apparel, comics, graphic novels, statues, toys and other collectibles. The web site also says they carry a huge variety of popular entertainment products from hundreds of manufacturers including DC Direct, Dark Horse, Disney, Hasbro, McFarlane, Marvel, Master Replicas, Tokyopop. Click the picture.

Shop Puzzles on Calendars.comThis calendar web site said they are the world’s biggest and best calendar store because they carry thousands of picture desk, wall and engagement calendars, in formats for every interest and occasion. In addition to calendar items, they also have an extensive game, toy, and puzzle collection featuring thousands of products for sale. Click the picture.

promote ebookFree-eBooks.net was an internet source for free eBook downloads, eBook resources & eBook authors. There were many genres to choose from such as academic, classics, fiction, nonfiction, text books and audio books for adults or children.  Any reader could read & download eBooks for free: anytime! Click the picture.