Planet Vulcan

The planet Vulcan was introduced by Hollywood as a fictitious planet offering help to the planet through a science fiction television show.

We just had a solar eclipse and it was amazing.This editor could not find any front page reference to a confirmation of the tenth planet because of the eclipse. Dateline: 2017-08-21

Popular Science Monthly found the Planet Vulcan from the eclipse of July 29, 1878.

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There is a suggestion that the planet’s existence had something to do with Motion Constancy.

Einstein referred to the planet Vulcan as fictitious; which was supposed to exist between the sun and Mercury, in order to explain that planet’s perihelion motion or in a planetary orbit, the point of closest approach to the sun.

Didn’t the Vulcans say their planet was in stealth? Hmm. Maybe their planetary engine could put it in between Earth and Alpha Centuri only four light years away?

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