Game On Tennis

Image result for tennis To learn how to “game on” play tennis, golf or even croquet, avoid the average player because they will never make a champion of you. If you want to learn to play the violin, the best teacher or tutor should be the greatest violinist. So it follows to become a  champion yourself you must learn from a champion.  Very few champions are good teachers in the sense they can tell you what to do and how to do it. Often they have entirely wrong theories about their own procedures. Tennis anyone?

Any gym will tell you to exercise the proper muscle groups for future development and success in any sport. The budding athlete wants to prepare for injury before it happens.

The game of tennis was enhanced by free weights and surprisingly, also augmented the martial arts of aikido and judo. The monitored use of barbell curls, bent laterals, calf machine, lat machine, leg curls, side laterals, twisting and wrist curls produced results; results that prepared the body for theatrical non-contact activities.

The sport of tennis combines a mastery of the principles of ballistics, elasticity, gravity, kinetic energy, momentum and rotation.

Other sports similar in exercise to tennis include badminton, racquet,  squash and fencing ( a prerequisite of a light saber ):)

Sport Analysis

Reviewing the basic exercises required for individual sports,  I noticed in comparison or analytics that some summer and winter sports overlap in training.  Diving,  skin diving,  and swimming need the same training with gym equipment and free weights as skiing,  hockey and skating.

For the most part, the lifts associated with leg extensions, hyper-extensions, leg curls,  incline press,  sit-ups,  twisting. calf machine,  and parallel bar dips helped all 6 sports studied.

Also,  it’s been noted,  more Olympic medals were handed out in swimming and skiing. Something to train for.

Photographed action with a battery of cameras each focused on the subject using an automatic shutter, showing in chronological sequence, the positions of the moving subject at predetermined intervals.Slow motion pictures analyzing the motion of the professional, summarizing in a series of pictures.

Hollywood recently used the method for animation. By taking the photographic record stereoscopically we see the path in three dimensions: that is length, breadth and depth. Although, it does not contain the time element which is important for comparative or relative and exact time.

An efficiency engineer used a simple direction finder light on the end of the golf club to quickly identify the swing method used. Add additional lights to the golf player further identified golf conventions. The golfer’s axioms were not facts when it came to the up swing being the same as the down swing. All champion golfers move their heads when they swing. Whether or not they should inhale or exhale when they make the move to contact was another question altogether.

Results were conclusive. All manual work possess a fundamental rhythm. the natural laws and underlying principles resulting from the design, selection, standardization, care and use of equipment or tools can be discovered as surely as mathematical laws, and these laws are the same for all tool or equipment users, all trades and all outdoor games. These laws were determined by watching the best and most skilled in all occupations. In summary, the champion does not know why they are a champion but, now you know it’s because of the fundamental rhythm of motion.

( source: Popular Science Monthly 1920-01, 1920- 08 )

What Can We Learn From the Greeks?

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The Greek philosopher Epicurus explained it best comparing pleasure and pain.  Ataraxia was peace and freedom from fear and aponia was the absence of pain. He suggested living a self-sufficient life surrounded by friends and family.

What Epicurus meant was best explained by the Popular Science Monthly Magazine of 1878.

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The Source of scientific Muscular Power.

“The muscular substance, which constitutes about two-fifths of the weight of the entire body, is composed mainly of matters containing carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen, in contradistinction to the fats, which contain only carbon, hydrogen and oxygen.”

Does the addition of nitrogen create muscle?

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Physical exercise, by accelerating the circulation of the blood, stimulates the activity of all those internal organs whose functions conjointly constitute the phenomenon of life, and counteracts innumerable functional disorders, any one of which is sure to react on the nervous system and the organ of the soul. Mental pathology, if rightly understood, is a physiological science which must recognize the intimate connection and interaction of soul and body, and the influence of every physical derangement on the most subtle functions of the brain.”

Human engineering statistics went further and said when a person has improved themselves with exercise and nutrition, the following attributes of velocity happen;

  • The heart pushes out blood at the rate of 100 ml per stroke.
  • Nerve impulses travel 2 to 3 feet in some axons with no loss of internal negative charge.  Each impulse sent by the brain was one to two milliseconds in duration.
  • Bones move at the velocity of 10 cm/sec.
  • The signal from the brain to the muscle was transmitted by ions at the velocity of up to a 100metre/second. An electric current travels at the speed of light in the body.
  • A person can lift weight at the rate of 6 to 7 horse-power only for a second or two.
  • An athlete can run at 2 hp in a 100 yard race or 23 mph.
  • An athlete can exercise for 1 hour at 0-5 horse-power limit.
  • An athlete can maintain a steady power output of 0.4 to .05 hp.
  • An athlete’s record 2 mile run was only 14 mph and the 10 mile record was 13 mph.
  • 1 horse-power or hp was a unit of power equal to 550 foot-pounds per second or 746 watts.
  • Impulse from the brain to feet is a 1/20 of a second; from the feet to the brain and its return to any muscle in the legs is 1/5 of a second.

See you on the playing field !!

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