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Is the Wave Force with You?

It has been calculated that waves rarely exceed a height of 40 feet, while the speed at which they travel depends largely upon the wind and the depth of the water. In example, a wave 100 feet in breadth and in water 100 feet deep travels at the rate of about 15 miles an hour; a wave 1,000 feet broad and in water 1,000 feet deep at the rate of 48 miles an hour; a wave in 10,000 feet in breadth and in water 10,000 feet deep will sweep forward with the velocity of not less than 154 miles/h. With regards to the height and speed of ocean waves . . . how is the surf up dude?

An earthquake in Japan once caused a wave to travel 4,800 miles across the Pacific Ocean to San Francisco in 12 hours, 16 minutes at the rate of 6.5 miles a minute. Might a repelling force from the opposite side of the ocean, say Easter Island, cancel the tsunami? Let’s pray it should.

Waves of the Atlantic Ocean have been calculated to move at the rate of 32.67 English miles an hour; which might be good to know if looking for treasure wrecks. (Popular Mechanic Magazine 1905-10)

Conflicting Premise:

  1. From an independent forty year study, on the average, the height of a wave in feet, measured from crest to trough, was in the round numbers of one-half the of the wind’s velocity in statute miles per hour.  By this rule, which does not express a dynamical law, the height of a wave raised in the deep, open sea by a wind of full hurricane force, having a velocity of 90 statute miles per hour, would be 45 Feet. (Pop. Mech. 1906-09, p. 960)
  2. Water was practically incomprehensible and slightly elastic. A cubic mile of sea water contained 146,197,952,000 cubic feet, weighed 4,460,544,000 tons, its composition included 3.5 percent solids composing chloride of sodium or common salt amounting to 117,089,280 tons, magnesium chloride amounting to 14,050,713 tons, potassium chloride weighed 5,520,285 tons, sulphate of lime or gypsum amounts to 7,181,475 tons, sulphate of magnesium, sodium bromide there was 1,717,209 tons, and many other minute minerals; not the least of which was gold. Their mineral value could pay the national debt. One grain of gold was in every ton and chloride of sodium. Therefore, the contents of a single cubic mile of sea water would glut the markets of the world for a very long time.
  3. Wave Turbines were best explained by  . . .
  4. Sir Oliver Lodge (1851-1940) the radio pioneer, said further, “The amount of atomic energy stored in one ounce of chlorine could keep a transatlantic steamer going full speed for a week. The explosion of a few pounds of material could be enough to shatter a continent! Radium, a most concentrated source of energy, was found to break up atoms from x-ray use.  The ATOM breaks up of its own accord over thousands of years, shooting off the fragments at speeds which make a rifle bullet a snail in comparison. A radium is like a two-ton gun firing a 100 pound shot, recoiling similar to uranium which fires off 4 such projectiles in order to become radium. The alpha particle of helium is fired off at the speed of 10,000 miles a second, producing heat. The beta particle was found to be an electron, the fundamental unit of electricity and seen to repel each other. An atom is a miniature solar system; the sun being the central positive nucleus and the revolving system like planets. Electrons travel at the speed of light- 186,000 miles a second.” (Popular Science 1920’s). see the article on  Hybrid Energy.

 The Space Wave Force

The Space Wave Force was explained in an Analog 1962 short story called “Toy-Shop” by Harry Harrison; found buried in the public domain.

“The gadget was strictly, beyond any question, a toy. Not a real, workable device. Except for the way it could work under a man’s mental skin….”

Toy Shop - Harrison 

astronomy, constellation, cosmos2017-08-16 NASA observed a the first neutron star merger and gravitational wave for 100 seconds.

  • 2017-08-27 NASA observed a black hole collision wave ripple 1.8B light years away.
  • 2017-10-26 An interstellar object A/2017 U1 from beyond the Solar System was tracked by NASA heading towards Pegasus.

A/2017 U1 is most likely of interstellar origin.

Galactic Guardians has reviewed the following report concerning an infraction of the Prime Directive.  The report is open for review by other leaders in discussion of extending the concept from “interfering or intervention with the internal development of alien civilizations” to repair and maintenance sections.

Image result for space ship

A hyperspace Mark III beacon repair was necessary on a Centauri planet; in early development. Presented here is the pdf or written testimony of the mechtech’s report.  “The Repairman” by H.  Harrison previously produced from Galaxy Magazine in February 1958 and Munsey’s Magazine.

The Repairman - Harry Harrison
Note: Extensive research did not uncover any evidence that the U.S. copyright on this publication, the Repairman or Toy Shop was renewed thus, placing it in the public domain.
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