Privacy in Search Mode

AS YOU KNOW, the internet was abuzz with unknown hackers who were apparently successful in penetrating so-called secure sources  of commerce, information and political security. A Private Search Engine was in dire need. Where’s the privacy on a world-wide party line anyways?

stock photo, outdoors, wildlife, river, water, sunlight, reflection, sunset, animals, swan, lake, feather, sunrise, birds, bill, ripple, beaks, swansCybersecurity was in the news at all levels of society as a solution to this.  Data Integrity was also being addressed with Net Neutrality.  Let us take for example the following infiltrations on corporate and national security. Recent activity included:

NY Times and London Observer Newspaper: 2018-03-17  Cambridge Analytics Suspended for Data Breach Harvesting on 50M End-users.

Wired Magazine ( 2017-12-07 ) : Iranian Hackers Have Been Infiltrating Critical Infrastructure Companies.

CNet Magazine ( 2017-12-04 ) : Password-Sharing Politicians Prompt Security Row in British House of Parliament.

New York Times ( 2017-11-28 ) : Insiders Accused of Stealing Personal Data From Homeland Security.

USA Today ( 2017-11-28 ) : Sensitive Personal Information of 246,000 Department of Homeland Security Employees Found on Home Computer.

The Hill ( 2017-11-25 ) : Security Exchange Commission Hack was Preceded by Years of Warnings about Lax Cybersecurity.

Bloomberg Technology ( 2017-11-21 ) : Uber Paid Hackers to Delete Stolen Data on 57 Million People.

CNet Magazine ( 2017-09-07 )  Equifax Data Breach May Affect Nearly Half the US Population.

U.S. NSA Cyber Security Unit Seal Decals / Stickers 

“The world is full of prosecutors; but few defenders.”

Security Management Magazine suggested changing the password often.

For myself, I felt I was too public with my everyday inquiries. Remember, on the telephone there was a private line and a party line?   My web page provider – Wealthy Affiliate  has an interesting feature that changes the admin’s password at the touch of a button; any and every time they access!!

When ever  I went on line for information I first contacted a private search engine just to start the search.  A different search engine protected my identity on line with better anonymity and a secure web connection.  A Virtual Private Network provided some anonymity.  Cookies were still used to speed up recall inquiries.  The private chat search engine as such shared information confidentially; while still using the main search engines of Bing, Google and Yahoo.  All minor search engines, as you know,  are mirrors of the 3 majors.   

The Private Search Engine provided the following;

  1. Private Searches
  2. Private Browsing
  3. Secure Information Drop
  4. The Standard of Trust on-line
  5. Incognitos
  6. Demographic Data Collection
  7. Ad Costings
  8. Cell Phone Privacy
  9. Search History
  10. Data Hijack
  11. Privacy Protection
  12. Fake News Analytics
  13. Device Encryption
  14. Password Protection
  15. Privacy and Part Line Security
  16. Virtual Private Network
  17. Web Connection Security.

That’s why when ever I went on line for information I first contacted “DuckDuckGo” to start the search.  My contacts in private demand it. The duck race is on to distract the common hacker with a quack !!

Image result for free duckduckgo


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