Medical Cannabis Seed

Medical Cannabis, Marijuana, Weed, Pot, etc.

 Historically, since the dawn of time, the medical cannabis seed, grown to plant, had been used to relieve pain.  They say medical marijuana seed, grown to herb, had been used throughout the world to treat various medical ailments. Cannabis was one of the fundamental herbs of Ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Dope Source – Popular Science

The Worldwide tolerance laws on possession of small amounts of cannabis for recreational and medical personal use are relaxing the hurricane.

CANADA, on October 2018, becomes the 2nd country to legalize recreational Cannabis. Not sure why, but maybe, it was to lower the costs of cannabis possession criminal prosecution and to clear the court backlog of cases. Should save millions of dollars for the taxpayer and add to the treasury. It’s a multi-billion dollar a year industry. I would watch the stock market on canvas stocks leading up to the summer pot party here in Canada.

South of the border research found the District of Columbia or the seat of American politics ( White House and the Pentagon ) legalized recreational cannabis on 2015-02-26.  The west coast has also legalized it. San Francisco has announced plans to clear simple marijuana possession misdemeanors.  See Time Magazine ( 2018-02-01 ) under Proposition 64.

Then I looked up “10 things I didn’t know about Kentucky and Bourbon”and  found a news research team from CNBC- that said 3 states were now exporting marijuana and disco balls; big time!!

Flash!! 2018-06-22 > The latest from our friends south of Niagara Falls. see Axios Pot Bust

Back to business. Now, there’s the issue of Canadian supply and demand and financing any import – export opportunities for a medical product that will grow just about anywhere . . .  even in eaves-troughs? Many houses and many streets.  It is a hearty weed.  But the question now remains, how long before the medical marijuana seed legally grows into a plant for distribution?Image result for marijuanaIt was commonly supposed that electrification had a miraculous effect on germination of seeds.  Examine the Wolfryn Process

  1. Immerse the seeds in a solution of common salt or calcium chloride and water for 4 hours.  Application of an electrical current was later used. The seeds, after having been dried at a temperature of 100 degrees F. were ready for sowing.
  2. Seeds were not electrified but still soaked for 4 hours in a solution of sulphate of ammonia and water; then dried also at 100 degrees F.
  3. Seeds untreated in any way were tested on a farm, side by side with the above.

The results showed that no positive evidence was obtained that electrified or zapped seed was any better than ordinary seed.

Note: Sir Jagadis Bose, the Hindu scientist of Calcutta commented, "Indirect electrical stimulus causes an increase in growth where direct stimulus of a plant organ causes a decrease of growth."

Another Popular Science article ( 1924-02 ) described how to double plant growth describing how direct sunlight only gave 37% light and 63% heat compared to electricity light giving only 7% light and 93% heat. Plant light for a continuous time duration was enough to increase growth, once the heat was filtered by passing the light through two colored glass plates that absorb the ultra violet rays, between which was flowing a constantly flowing stream of cool water.

Plant research under the watchful eyes of plant pathology, microscopy, photobiology and bacteriology offers unlimited fascinating possibilities for food conservation as well.

A more modern source states UV could be beneficial to seedlings to ward off disease and improve nutrient absorption.

Then I’m reminded about the rebirth of a forest after a wildfire. Scientists have determined, the redwoods grew over the ages because their seeds were heated by wildfires. So, maybe heating the marijuana seed before planting might help the seed growth . . . maybe talking and caressing the leaf in natural light might too. Anyone got a plant mantra or karma?


OK,  now what if you electrically zapped the end product like say a poor port wine . . . would it become vintage?  Pasteurization of grape destroys the germs.  They say the Chinese scientists are trying to create vintage wine from mediocre grape.   Certainly would make the winos happy !!

Vintage Wine – Popular Science

If you were sure of your idea, had the curiosity to find out about things and the energy to overcome obstacles, it was always worth while to keep on trying. Concentrate all of yourself on a worthy purpose. Don’t be too modest. Close your ears to jeers and say to yourself – IT CAN BE DONE.

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